Monday, October 6, 2008

Brain of Blood (1972)

Amir, the dictator of a small European country, is near death and arranges with a US doctor to transplant his brain into a young body.  Amir must be shipped to the US within a certain number of hours after death in order to have the transplant be a success.  This begs the question, why didn't Amir just travel before he died, thus relieving the question of whether the doc would have enough time to complete the transplant.

Once dead, Amir is wrapped in tin foil and his body placed in the care of his nehru jacketed advisor, Dr. Robert Nigserian.  Robert delivers Amir's corpse to crazy old brain guy, Dr. Lloyd Trenton.  Lloyd will be assisted by his twisted little dwarf sidekick and has sent his ward Gor out to look for a body for Amir's brain.

As is always the case when you send a retarded mutant to find a suitable freshly dead body, Gor causes a burglar to fall off a fire escape and break necessary bones, thus rendering the body useless.  As the allotted time for transplant is almost up and no body is available, wacky Lloyd decides to use the powerful, yet mutated Gor as the donor body.  Hilarity ensues.

Directed by Al Adamson, this is a mess of a movie.  It runs from boring to ridiculous, and all points in between.  There are some decent chase scenes as Robert chases a thug across rooftops and through the city.  

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