Sunday, December 28, 2008

Marina Monster (2008)

Idiots who fall or are pushed off docks in the marina are eaten by a shark, which consists of a fin in the water.  The people flounder, then submerge.  Yup, shark got 'em.

Meanwhile Earl Molar must call his father Commodore, which leads to a standing joke that will make you want to shoot yourself.  "Father... I mean, Commodore Molar..."  It's endlessly repeated and not funny the first time.

At the beginning of the movie, there are around four minutes of nothing but sailboats in the distance on the water. Then at the end, there are minutes full of a shot of ripples in the water.  Since there are no credits anywhere in the video, I'm assuming this is where they were supposed to go. 

One of the worst movies I've ever seen, and that's saying something.

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