Thursday, November 5, 2015

Exeter (2015)

When the church decides to renovate an abandoned asylum, Father Conway supervises the volunteers helping to clean out the building. High school student Patrick is serious about this work, but his friend Brian decides the best thing about helping the church with the asylum is that it would be a great place to have a party.  Patrick is not amused.

That night, there is a huge party at the asylum.  After spending the night doing stupid things that teenagers do, they decide to try a party game where someone says an incantation which causes a volunteer to become stiff as a board and light as a feather. This  allows the volunteer to be lifted up using only their fingers.  Surprisingly volunteer Rory, Patricks younger brother, rises a few inches before they drop him back to the floor.  Everyone laughs and Rory runs off.

Later on, when Patrick tracks Rory down, he is violent and seemingly possessed.  They try to help him, but common sense goes out the window... oh  wait, they didn't have any to begin with. At this point, the group begins a constant stream of even worse decisions.  Will there ever be a movie where people don't want to cover up an accidental death by doing something to hide it that would make them look 100% guilty of murder, if discovered?

Before you know it, they're trapped, there's a demon in the asylum, rumors of dead orphans, and the trapped teens even manage to carve a ouija board out of an old piece of wood.   Where else can you see a bunch of teens google how to do an exorcism, and maybe even find an exorcism app for their phone?

The most amazing thing about this movie is everyone's cell phone has a pristine connection and can access the web.  But who brings a laptop to a party in an abandoned building anyway? Stupid kids.....

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