Monday, January 18, 2016

Logan's Run (1976)

In 2274, humans live in a city in a bubble where they are free to pursue whatever pleasures they desire, and live a life of luxury.  But when they turn 30, the gem implanted in their palm changes color, signaling they must go to Carousel. There they spin and rise in the air until they ascend to a rebirth.

But those who choose not to comes to Carousel when called are known as runners.  Those who doesn't come when called, are tracked and eliminated by the Sandmen, employees of the government who maintain order and ensure everyone obeys the law.

Logan 5 is a Sandman.  He and his fellow Sandmen don't understand why someone would choose to be terminated rather than reborn in Carousel.  But the runners believe that Carousel is not what it seems, and resent that the government controls their lives.  The runners wish is to get to Sanctuary, where they will supposedly be safe and begin a new life.

When Logan is assigned to infiltrate the Runners, in an undercover operation to lead the Sandmen to the Runner underground, he balks.  But the government does not take no for an answer. They activate Logans gem which indicates he is to report to Carousel.  When he doesn't show at Carousel, they brand him a runner and send the Sandmen after him.  Logan goes to a suspected ally of the runners, and asks for help, but since he was formerly a Sandman, they are suspect of his intent.

I like the plot, and love the feel of the movie, even though the effects are dated. It's a bit slow at times though.

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