Friday, September 18, 2015

Roboshark (2015)

An alien sphere of indeterminate intent falls into the ocean, and is eaten by a shark who within  seconds is transformed into Roboshark, a CGI creature that is familiar with social media.

Meanwhile wacky weather girl Trish is getting ready for work. She wants to be a serious reporter, but always gets the lame third rate assignments.  So when she and her camera crew discover the army setting up a command post in a fenced off area, she knows something big is going on.  No one shall ask why a top secret military command post is being set up in a field across from a popular coffee shop, or why the women and children in the background weren't cleared from the area.

Trish's husband Rick works for the city monitoring the local water supply.  Alarms are going off in multiple sectors and nothing makes sense on their map. Then the military shows up and cuts off all communication with the outside world.  Rick worries about his wife and daughter Melody, who should be at school but decided to join mom Trish after seeing a news broadcast by the stations star reporter.

Since Melody doesn't like this nasty reporter stealing her mom's thunder, and no one believes her mom's story about a shark attack in the coffee shop, Melody starts posting video of Roboshark and insisting he's just misunderstood.  It's not clear how Melody plans to explain this theory to the families of the innocent people Roboshark has murdered.

And make no mistake, Roboshark is quite the killer.  He bursts out of faucets, cuts through tile floors  like they're water, and does laps in the high school pool.  The military are desperate to stop him. So they hire the one person they believe is up for the task, Bill Glates... yeah you heard me, Glates with an L.

This is one ridiculous movie.  In some ways, it's hilarious, but overall it's average and not very engaging.  It's your typical Syfy channel movie. It has a fantastic title and idea, but mediocre execution.  This one contains a classic exchange between Rick and Melody where she tells him that Roboshark is following her.  As any father would, he urges her to get away from the killer shark, but Melody corrects the misperception by noting that she's not in danger. Roboshark is following her on Twitter.  ARGH!!   That's right. Roboshark has a twitter account.

Be prepared to watch bad CGI and see Rick chew more scenery than Roboshark.

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