Sunday, September 27, 2015

GPS: The Movie (2007)

Bob and Andrew enjoy geocaching challenges and are a team that compete against others.  This involves using GPS coordinates to race to the location of the cache and be the first to locate whatever is inside.  Not sure what the end result of winning will be, but these two are willing to risk serious injury and even death. They race down narrow, winding wooded roads at a high rate of speed,  pass on a double yellow line, and do what they need to in an attempt to outmaneuver their competitors in the  other car.

Their most recent challenge is from a college friend who recently disappeared, after being charged with the theft of two million dollars.  Bob and Andrew hope that the cache they are seeking contains part of the money.  This doesn't make much sense since if their friend has that much money, he could use that to disappear. Also they don't even consider if they knowingly accept stolen money, they could later face legal ramifications.

They decide to accept the GPS treasure hunt challenge since they are already heading to the area to go camping with some friends.  They plan to keep the mission a secret from the group until they need to fill them in.

After trekking into the woods with their friends, they locate a small coffin that contains Polaroids of a kidnap victim with the words don't let me die written on them.  The group disagrees as to how this should be handled.  Some want to go back to the car, but Bob and Andrew convince the others to continue by appealing to their greed.  They lie and tell them there is the potential of a $50,000 payout as part of the geocache. This goes over better than what becomes the secondary task which is rescuing the kidnap victim.

These kids are freaking crazy.  There is no way you should head towards the coordinates where there is someone who may be a killer, but at the very least is someone willing to kidnap and torture another person.  It's just not going to end well, and you're far more likely to survive if you call the police.  But players gotta play and they're off.   This is a low budget movie with characters that are mostly annoying.

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