Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tourist Trap (1979)

Our story begins when a couple gets a flat tire, and the guy sets off to see in search of a gas station.  A few hours later when their friends drive by, the girl hops and off they go to find her boyfriend.

The first place they see is a sign for an old tourist attraction.  While driving down the road, their jeep dies so they start walking. When they see a lake nearby, they decide to go skinny dipping, which is fun until the proprietor shows up.

He turns out to be friendly and invites them back to his house and offers to help get their jeep started.  The owner warns them not to stay away from the house across the field.  But the phones don't work so one of the girls sets off to see if they have a phone.

Things go down hill from there and everyone wishes they'd been smarter than visiting a closed tourist attraction filled with creepy mannikins.

I've seen this movie a couple of times and it still freaks me out. It's the mannikins with their mouths flapping open while singing, "ahhhhhh" and the large man wearing the mannikin face while talking in a strange sort of Harvey Fierstein voice. It's not so much scary, as unnerving.

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