Monday, March 14, 2016

ATM (2012)

While at the company Christmas party, David mentions to his friend Corey that regrets never asking Emily out. It's her last day of work so he'll never see her again.  His friend Corey convinces him to talk to her, and she accepts David's offer of a ride home.  The problem is David is also Corey's ride home and Corey is an ass.

David begs with Corey to catch a cab. But Corey has no money and neither does David.  So the three of them jump into David's car and Corey proves to an even bigger dick than we previously presumed when he pressures David to take him to an ATM because he wants a pizza.  No one shall ask why David parks  40 parking spaces away from the ATM rather than pulling up directly in front of it.  Niether shall you ask why David doesn't drive up to the ATM for his own convenience when going to check on why Corey is taking forever.

The parking situation turns out to be unfortunate when a mystery figure in a hooded parka appears outside the ATM vestibule.  Although these young professional live in a big city, they didn't consider that making withdrawals from an ATM in the middle of the night could be a safety issue.   Especially when it turns out the man doesn't want to rob them, he wants to kill them.

The plot contrivances are far too many and unrealistic.  They park across the parking lot rather than next to the ATM.  It's winter but they're not wearing coats. Two of the three leave their cell phones in the car, and one person who has theirs has a dead battery.  Although there are three of them and one attacker, they never mount an attack.  They also don't try a distraction such as having one guy run for the car. Either he'll be able to drive off to get help, or he'll be a distraction that lets the other two slip away. Argh, movie you are so annoying.

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