Saturday, July 26, 2008

Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill (2004)

A debate team on their way to a competition are car jacked by a drug dealer looking for his partner who ran off with their money. They track the partner to a ghost town where the partner stumbles upon them and bloodily warns them that they need to get out of town before they are killed. This prompts one student to remember that this is the town where Bloody Bill was killed and that he'd issued a curse on the town before he died. No one is as concerned as they should be, which is too bad as the zombies will soon be after them.

This is a sorry excuse for a film. The acting is sub par and the story is ridiculous. There is a sign showing the population at the town entrace which increases everytime the zombies kill someone. But when zombies are dispatched, the number doesn't go down.

The dvd had an extra entitled Zombie Dance. That sounded kind of interesting, but it was not to be. I have no idea why it they called it the zombie dance as it was just a collection of photographs with bad music playing.

There was also a short Behind the Scenes feature which consisted of interviews and people joking around, in which the jokes would probably be funny if you were on the set, but they fall flat if you weren't involved.

The girl who plays Mandy states that Mandy is a lovable charcter, everybody has a little Mandy in them, and that you have to have sympathy for her. She is dead wrong on all counts. Mandy is a royal pain in the ass who you want dead as soon as possible.

The most interesting thing about the Behind the Scenes is that there was actually some good zombie make up in the film. When I was watching the film, I thought the zombie makeup looked terrible. Perhaps the worst ones ended up in best camera position? I don't remember seeing any good makeup in the film, but there were some really nice zombies behind the scenes.

The makeup for Bloody Bill is ridiculous and one of the worst in the film. Look at the dvd cover. I thought that was probably just a bad drawing. Nope, that is what Bill actually looks like and it looks stupid.

Let me leave you with this exchange - The movie is in the $1.00 budget dvds at Walmart. When the clerk saw my purchase, she said, "Oh I bought that movie too. It was pretty good."

"Really?", I asked.

"Well...," she paused for a minute. "It was okay. I mean, for what I paid for it I guess I can't complain." Yup, that sums it up.

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