Saturday, July 26, 2008

Razorback (1984)

Beth Winters, a female reporter who is pro animal rights, goes to Australia to do a story on the slaughter of kangaroos. She goes into the outback and makes a nuisance of herself, which makes her a target of the owners of Petpak who are making dog food out of the 'roos.

The Petpak brothers are really creepy, but Beth still goes into the middle of nowhere to aim her camera in through their factory windows. Ohhhh so stupid. It doesn't end well as the brothers end up ramming her car with their vehicle, which resembles something you'd see in Mad Max. While it appears the boys are about to make her pay, from out of nowhere comes Razorback, the giant killer hog, who ends up gobbling up the injured Beth.

Her husband Carl flies out to try to figure out what happened to his wife and for some reason ends up on a hunt with the Petpak brothers in which he is stranded in the outback. Razorback only shows up every once in awhile and there is an old guy who keeps trying to catch him as he kidnapped and ate his grandson. Yeah, it's just a big mess as there is a serious lack of Razorback in the film. Giant killer pig concept - excellent; lack of titled character - lame.

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