Friday, January 2, 2009

Killing Spree (1987)

The incredibly named Asbestos Felt stars as Tom Russo, a man with trust issues who believes his wife is cheating on him after reading what appears to be her diary. 

Tom is so afraid that she'll cheat on him that he doesn't want her working even after he gets a 40% paycut at work.  He even kicks his best friend out of the house during a dinner party after imagining his friend and wife getting intimate on the kitchen table, (in a truly bizarre and icky scene unlike anything you've ever witnessed).

Every night Tom comes home, and red light bathes the room as he opens the diary.  As he reads day after day of her exploits with the workmen that come to the house, Tom understandably shouts, "why is she writing this down?!"

After the reason is revealed, the film shifts gears and all the people Tom has killed come back to life (huh?!?) and want revenge.  Truly bizarre and awesome film.

Not the best acting you'll ever see, and there is an inexplicable scene of Abestos vacuuming while wearing disturbingly small bikini underwear.   But I really enjoyed this movie and would watch it again.

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