Friday, January 30, 2009

Shrooms (2007)

A group of so-called sexy college students head to Ireland to take mushrooms.  As they split up and head into the woods to look for shrooms, their local friend neglects to mention that the one thing you don't want to do is eat the death's head mushroom.  Normally it will kill you ,but if you're lucky you will simply have mind melting hallucinations and be unable to control your neurological system.  Oh joy.

Before you know it one of the girls is convulsing after consuming a death's head.  After getting her back to camp, the group sits around listening to the story of the insane asylum nearby and the possibility of evil ghosts haunting the woods. 

Later that night it seems as if something in after them.  Is it the evil spirits from the asylum or the two inbred, creepy, drooling hillbillies that live nearby.  Another film with a twist ending that is fairly predictable, and though there are some creepy scenes, ultimately it will leave you unsatisfied.

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