Sunday, June 28, 2015

Doom Asylum (1987)

Lawyer Mitch and his girlfriend Judy are celebrating a big win in court, which is unfortunate since they're driving a car and should be paying attention to the road.  One car crash later, Judy is dead and Mitch is in the coroners lab on an autopsy table. But as the coroner opens him up, Mitch starts to twitch and opens his eyes right as they're getting the bone saw for his cranium.  Angry at being cut open, Mitch kills both coroners and wanders off.

Ten years later Kiki, her boyfriend, and three friends stop at the spot where her Mom died ten years ago.  While Kiki and her boyfriend observe the site, the other three remain in the car and yell at them to get going.

The group heads over to the abandoned asylum for a picnic and some sunbathing. Seems like an odd spot, especially in light that there's also a rumor that the asylum is stalked by a crazy killer who used to be a coroner and murders trespassers with autopsy tools.

When they arrive, they hear a crappy all girl band made up of a keyboard player, drummer and singer. Yeah, it's horrible. So they cut off their power, which results in a running feud.  The band taunts our teens as they sunbathe.  Individually the teens keep wandering off never to be seen again.

This movie is pretty bad.  While it's a slasher, it's also a comedy and the comedy isn't funny. The special effects are okay, although not consistent.  It's not clear why the kids think the abandoned asylum would be a good place to sunbathe. No one shall ask why they would lay in the shade rather than the sun.  The blue swimsuit is incredibly unflattering, making a skinny girl look like she has huge hips.

The worst thing about the movie is the accent on the band member with the crimped hair. I think it's supposed to be a French accent but I'm not sure. It isn't consistent, and doesn't sound right, but I thought I heard her say ze in stead of the.

The best thing about the movie is that is was actually filmed in an abandoned asylum.  Not everyone is going to care, but am fascinated by abandoned buildings.  So it was interesting to see footage from inside the asylum.

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