Thursday, June 4, 2015

No More Dirty Deals (1993)

Blond haired, boat mechanic Travis is hired by Sean to fix his speedboat.  Sean sends over his secretary to get a quote on the repairs. Surprisingly she is wearing what appears to be some style of lingerie.

Even though Sean and Travis have just met, Sean invites Travis out for a night on the town, and picks him up in a limo.  It's extremely awkward and at times it seems as if they may be on a date.

The two end up at a bar called Knockouts, which houses the odd combination of pole dancing and boxing.  On one side of the club, women dance on stage.  But look to the left and past some tables, there's a boxing ring.  Patrons are urged to fight the champ and win a prize.  No waivers to sign, just jump in the ring and put on some gloves. Kapow!

Sean gets Travis drunk and brings him home, which is kind of creepy and makes you wonder if Travis has been roofied.  But the only thing that happens is one of the girls at the house steals his wallet, which comes into play later.

Thirty minutes into the film, and there is still no sign of a plot. But there's tons of confusion since it's still not clear who Sean is, why he's invited his boat mechanic out for drinks, why he dresses as a Zulu when he crashes rich people's parties and robs them, or just what the heck is going on in this film.  In fact, the end of the movie will not provide any relief, since you will still wonder what the hell was going on.

I saw this movie on streaming Netflix and there were occasional dropouts in the sound. I thought there was some kind of glitch in the feed until there was a scene where it became apparent that the dropouts were because the swearing was censored.  So be prepared for several scenes where most of the sound drops out to avoid hurting your innocent ears.

Enjoy the casio keyboard score, and the melodic hair metal of Stranger, who provide the theme song and other music on the soundtrack.  Honestly, this movie wasn't good, but there was an amusement factor due to the random path of the film, and the questionable acting.  

Also of note:  this is the only film I've ever seen where a character has flashbacks to dialogue and scenes that he wasn't even involved in?!?!  That Sean is so crazy.

Here's a trailer for your enjoyment.

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