Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Order of One: Kung Fu Killing Spree (2006)

Convicted murderer Tony, who claims he is innocent, is being transported to another prison when his police escorts decide to stop at a diner.  It doesn't seem like the best thing to do with a prisoner that is supposedly a killer, but they don't seem too concerned.  So they bring Tony into the diner and for safeties sake,  request his coffee be served in a plastic cup.

Meanwhile on the other side of the diner, reporter Ross is interviewing a man carrying a massive sword. He claims it is the Sword of Destiny, which was somehow forged using the spear that pierced the side of Jesus. Thus the sword gives untold powers to the user.  The sword is being returned to it's protectors, known as The Order.

As if the presence of a murderer and a giant sword don't make this the worst diner to visit, three women - who look like one of the Bangles, one of the Manson family girls, and your best friends Mom - and start shooting up the joint.  Tony uses this moment to run outside and steal a car, that turns out to be owned by reporter Ross who throws himself through the window.

On the other side of town, Asian crime boss Mr. Park is also looking for the sword and gets word that it has escaped from the clutches of his minions.  More minions are dispatched with orders to get the sword at all costs.  

Tony and Ross drive around while they argue about returning the sword to The Order, fight with Parks minions, and begrudgingly become buddies out of convenience.  So this ought to work out well.

Any time someone can complete a movie, I have an appreciation of the time and effort that was involved.  But overall, I wouldn't recommend this. It's not that interesting and while the fights are okay for a low budget film, they're more what you'd see at an amateur martial arts competition - okay if you're watching a competition, but not if you're watching a video.

There are a few good stunts though.  Most of the actors appear to have martial arts training.  The fight scenes tend to be overly long and although there are some good combinations of moves, they tend to be done too slowly to be effective.  There are a few good fights near the end of the film. I'm not sure if the scenes are sped up or if the actors just got more fluid with their movements as they went along.

Mentally challenged or kung fu face? You make the call.
Yup, so that's a thing.
The sword has power and causes flashbacks
Be afraid of the unexpected nudity of Tony's prison butt. 
Dee Dee Ramone?
There are some decent stunts in this film.
Tony is pissed.
Get used to this angle because you'll see it a lot.
Also note that this is obviously a set rather than real walls.

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