Monday, July 6, 2015

Hayride 2 (2015)

Starting where the first movie left off right after the killings at Captain Morgans Halloween hayride, ambulances transport survivors, and those who have expired, to the hospital. Although bag-headed, serial killer Pitchfork was deceased at the end of the first movie, he revives during the ride to continue his reign of terror.

The survivors wait in the quietest hospital emergency room ever.  There's only one nurse, no other patients, and the only people that appear are one or two from the hayride, and a lone  doctor who briefly stops by.  The nurse on duty even has time to talk to one of the characters about how she went to high school with him, and says if he wants to talk about the tragedy, she's there for him. Awkward.

Meanwhile Pitchfork has made his way into the hospital.  Because it's not odd to see a massive guy in farmer jeans with a burlap bag over his head carrying a pitchfork while walking down the hallway in a hospital.  While there are tons of police at the hayride and in the woods, none of them go to the hospital after they learn he's on the loose.  Also Pitchfork kills everyone he meets except for one characters girlfriend.  Why didn't he kill her? And why are the police more concerned about her kidnapping than the murders?

Hayride 2, why do you exist?  It's not like Hayride left any open questions, or was so amazing that the public demanded a second chapter.  And to have the supposedly dead killer come back and stalk survivors at a hospital? It was much better the first time I saw it in Halloween 2.

Even though I'd seen Hayride, the characters weren't memorable other than the farmer who owned the hayride and he's dead. The movie seems to assume we'll remember everyone and doesn't offer much help as to who these people are - other than some brief flashbacks that occur after characters show up. So it's not much help.  Also be prepared for lots of talking, which may lull you into a stupor where you'll being daydreaming.

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