Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Clean (2005)

Clean is about a disenfranchised asshat who spends his days wearing bikini underwear in his mostly empty apartment while his voiceover rants about life, society, people, whatever - he hates it all. And to make him even more repulsive, he enjoys killing people.

He somehow connects online with a bunch of other murders who meet up once a year to talk about their murderous exploits and enjoy killing someone. I know people manage to find others online for every weird sick twisted thing they could be into, but how the heck would you be able to ascertain that the group wasn't a set up by law enforcement?  Also if you're inviting a killer into your midst, there is no guarantee he won't kill you, which the group is soon to find out.

The characters in the film are annoying and unlikable.  They also aren't very bright since they are making tapes of their murders and selling them to other people.  When the instruct everyone in attendance to put on their masks, I expected something that would cover their heads. Instead they put on bandanas, like bank robbers out of the 1800s.  Also not a good idea? Calling themselves by their real names and mentioning the introduction on their video that they have a murder club.

The sound is a bit off some of the time. So I guess they should have paid more attention to their ADR.  The movie was filmed in Quebec and everyone has a French Canadian accent, which makes things even more distracting when the lips are slightly off from the sound.

Ridiculous dialogue:
"Our stupid leaders are a bunch of faggots and fruitcakes."

This move includes many strange shots from unnecessary angles
We don't need so much footage of this guy in bikini underwear.
No one will ever recognize me due to this brilliant disguise.

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