Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mother's Day Massacre (2007)

Teenager Jim lives with his creepy, degenerate, abusive father.  His mother disappeared so long ago he doesn't even remember her. After some particularly upsetting interactions with Jim's dad, his  girlfriend Doreen does a google search and finds information on Jim's missing mom.  Well that was easy.

Doreen insists on a road trip to try to locate his mother.  So Jim, Doreen, and two other couples head off an a weekend adventure to see what they can find.  The other couples are happy to be on the trip because a month ago they saw a field of pot which they think will be ready to harvest. Yeah, that's a fantastic idea. I'm sure nothing bad would ever come from that. And what an incredible coincidence that they just happened to be in the same area where Jim's missing mom may be.

While stopped at a rundown gas station, the kid pumping their gas warns them not to go to the end of the road where the pineys live because they'll mess you up.  One warning from a creepy stranger later, the group is pulling up to a group of abandoned homes and exiting their SUV.  Are they stopping to stretch their legs? Is this address Jim's mothers last known address?  Are they at the end of the road?  They don't really talk about it.  One guy suggests they play hide and seek, and the others want to explore the abandoned buildings.

They split up to explore, which is never a good idea when you have no idea what might be waiting for you in the abandoned buildings.  In one, they find a big dead dog which is essentially a pile of bones, blood, and guts. Surprisingly, it doesn't stop them from heading to the third floor, or making a hasty exit. Stupid kids. And we're off - time for killer hillbillies and people who repeatedly make bad decisions.

While the production is decent, there is an issue with the sound. Sometimes you can't understand what the actors are saying, and in the scene at the gas station, the noise of passing traffic is louder than the dialogue.  Also is there ever going to be a movie that doesn't use the cliche of teens in an abandoned building thinking it's a good idea to have sex on a filthy old couch?

When all but two of your characters aren't likable, you'd better have an engaging script or something to sell the story.  But there's nothing here other than disturbing people and questionable decisions.  The mother of the crazy hillbillies is over the top, chewing on the scenery every time she's on the screen.  Characters think it's funny to piss on someones bed, the floor, or another person.  And most importantly, this film has nothing to do with Mothers Day.

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