Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hallows Eve (2014)

While at a local haunted attraction, a group of mean teenagers bully a little girl who stutters and tends to tattle on people. They pelt her with pumpkin guts and chase her through a corn field where she ends up getting mowed down by a tractor.

Ten years later, the mean kids are all grown up, the haunted attraction is in full swing for Halloween, and for some reason that is never explained, the kids are given complimentary passes each year.  Well I assume these kids are the same ones from the opening scene. It's impossible to tell because no one looks the same, but since it's been ten years, the bullies should now be in their mid twenties which appears to be the age of this group.

But then a character utter one sentence that totally destroyed the time line.  While talking to one of the twenty somethings, Danielle Harris says, " Well you and your friends parents weren't the nicest kids back then."  Wait, what?  So the characters parents were the bullies from the first scene of the movie? Or is it just this one kid along with his friends parents, as the sentence awkwardly implies?   Or were the bullies the college kids we've been watching the whole movie? The question is never cleared up. And if these college kids are actually supposed to be teenagers, then the parents who bullied the girl must have all had kids at age ten.  The only thing we can definitively confirm is that the little girl run over by the tractor is now a teen and has a disfigured face.

There are other things that also make no sense.  Why does the family give complimentary passes  every year the the kids (or kids of) the teens who bullied their daughter?  Why does loser pothead Rudy actually plan in advance to look in the teenage girls window?  He's ten years older than her so it's extremely creepy.  Why doesn't the girl have any shades since she's living on the ground of the haunted attraction?  When her father and mother figure out Rudy was at the window, why don't they ever say anything to him or kick him out of the haunt?  Why do Rudy's two friends who arrived with him completely disappear after this scene, never to be mentioned again?

The movie was filmed at the Bates Motel haunt. As they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity.  Even though it's not very good, it gets their name out there and is going to help business. The hame of haunt sounded familiar and I realized they'd also filmed The Bates Haunting at the same place.  Filming at a haunt can be mutually beneficial - the haunt gets free advertising and the movie has ready made spooky sets.  Unfortunately neither movie is very good, but it did make me look at their website once I figured out it was a real place.

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