Saturday, April 30, 2016

House of Dust (2013)

Fresh out of a mental institution, Emma is dropped off at college with a supply of meds and hopes that her hallucinations have disappeared.  Her roommate Gabby introduces her to the two guys across the hall and invites her to a keg party. Woohoo, college!

The campus has an abandoned asylum on it, which seems like a terrible idea. What college student wouldn't want to explore an old building or have a party in it?  The building was the sight of experimental lobotomies until a patient and doctor were murdered. So you just know there's got to be some bad mojo around there.

Gabby and the two guys convince Emma to sneak into the building with them, where she promptly wanders off.  The other three go into the basement and accidentally break a jar containing the cremated remains of psychotic patients. Inexplicably their souls possess the students.

Her friends begin acting strangely and creepily.  Emma, who didn't breath in the corpse dust, starts believing her meds aren't working because she is beginning to see people who aren't actually there.

The synopsis for this movie states these kids are med students, but I find that hard to believe since they are pretty lackadaisical in their studies.  The only class mentioned is psychology, which the snotty girls in school state is what the stupid kids take (even thought they all all in the same class).

This is so tame it's practically a TV movie, with minimal blood and killings that are essentially off screen.

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