Sunday, April 17, 2016

Little Dead Rotting Hood (2016)

Worrying that she may be getting too old to keep a small town safe from the wolves that prowl the local woods,  a witch decides to pass her gift on to her granddaughter.  This involves her granddaughter Sammy being mauled by a wolf, burying her body deep in the ground with a sword and red hooded cloak, and killing herself on the grave.

When Danny learns the old wolf lady has died, he's concerned about his girlfriend Sammy.  But the Sheriff isn't concerned since he's got a dead body on his hand which might be a homicide and Sammy has run away before.

Danny decides to drown his sorrows at a college kegger in the woods.  But things go horribly wrong when some of the kids are attacked by wolves.  With more dead bodies on his hands, the Sheriff decides to kill some wolves.  When he runs into a strange woman in the woods where a hunting party are attacked, he starts wondering what is really going on in town.

This movie seems much longer than it actually is. It's an Asylum production so you know it's going to be schlocky and not very good.  The old wolf lady is too young to be known as the old anything or called a coot.  And it's odd that the Sheriff doesn't seem to know Sammy even though she lives in town. Also with all the wolf attacks in town, they have a free officer to babysit the Sheriffs kids at the police station, even after they're down a deputy.

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