Monday, June 6, 2016

Delirium (2007)

A group of college students car pool to save money for  Spring Break. Kirk and Reyna refer to themselves as a cute couple, but are actually an obnoxious guy in a wife beater and a rich girl who likes his inappropriate aggressive behavior. Dennis is a geeky computer science major who is a punching bag for Kirk's bullying.  Sandra is an angry lesbian who is interesting in Lucy who claims to be straight.  Then there's Brad who has no real discernible personality, but he refers to himself as an entrepreneur and he's African American.

The trip is unpleasant due to the obnoxious personalities of the characters.  After stopping to get lunch, the group goes back out to their car and a Sheriff asks them where they're going. Instead of behaving like a normal person and having a conversation, some of the group start sassing the Sheriff. Good god man! Don't you know it's much easier to just be friendly and hope he goes away? Making him angry is not going to help.

When the Sheriff advises them that they shouldn't take their intended route because it is a seventy five mile stretch of desert and they'll be in trouble if they break down, idiot Kirk actually says, "We're free to drive any god damn route we want."  Kirk makes it clear that he just wants the fastest route, not the safest.

Based on Kirk's douchebaggery, it's not surprising when their car breaks down soon after, and they are stranded in the desert with no cell reception.  They decide to walk for help, but when night falls, they discover they are being stalked by someone who wants them dead.

This movie is tough to watch.  There's no one to root for since the majority of the characters aren't likable. Does anyone really talk like Kirk? And if so, why would anyone be within one hundred yards of him?  Also are we not supposed to know who the killer is? Because it seems pretty obvious very quickly.  As a side note, any couple who refer to themselves as a cute couple usually aren't.

Ridiculous dialogue:

Dennis - Hey guys, how 'bout we go in and have some lunch?
Kirk - How 'bout you shut the fuck up, freak. This is definitely the closest you'll get to a fine ass woman like this.

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