Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sting of Death (1965)

College student Karen brings some friends along when she goes to visit her dad, Dr. Richardson, who lives in the Everglades.  He's doing some sort of scientific experiments, assisted by the dreamy Dr. John Hoyt and an assistant named Egon.  As you can tell by the name, Egon is a creepy weirdo with a messed up face.

When the Sheriff finds a corpse in the water, he asks Doc Dad and dreamy John what they think killed the guy.  It looks like jellyfish stings, except the wounds are too big.  Egon chuckles to himself and says that Manowar can grow big enough to kill people. Oh Egon, you slow witted, scar faced, little creeper. You're incorrigible! What will you think of next?

The girls are having a little party and John invites his grad student friends.  But these college kids turn out to be total tools. At first sight of Egon and his creepy face, they chase him down and circle around him to maximize their taunting. You expect that crap from idiot junior high or high school kids, but not people old enough to be in grad school.

After humiliating Egon and chasing him off, the kids start throwing back the cokes and dancing to the latest records next to the fab inground pool.  They listen to that big hit Do the Jellyfish while they do the dance of the same name.  It looks nothing like a jellyfish - unless jellyfish peck at things like a bird, and move about stupidly. Do the Jellyfish was written by Neil Sedaka, which is mindboggling, but not as mind boggling as the lyrics that don't give you any clue as how two actually do the jellyfish.

Everything is happiness, sunshine and dancing. But something evil is lurking in the pool. No one shall ask how these kids don't notice a large black half man/half jellyfish creature walking over to get in the pool.  Soon two of the gang are lamely attacked by the creature... wearing a scuba suit with things hanging off it to resemble tentacles.  Actually they don't resemble tentacles at all, but that's what jellyfish have, so god damn it, that's what this movie is trying to sell.

From here on it's chaos: the kids try to escape; the jellyfish monster sinks their boat; baby jellyfish (that are obviously blown up plastic sandwich bags) float awkwardly in the water or sit on someones head; people we don't care about are killed; the scientists try to figure out what is going on; and eventually it all comes to a head in a cavern where our monster is confirmed as a man in a scuba suit with a plastic trash bag over his head.  Seriously, it's an inflated trash bag sitting on the guy's shoulders.

Well, this is a ridiculous, fun mess.  It's slow at times, but the song, the dancing, the trash bags representing killer jellyfish, and the strange black thing on Dad's head are all so silly that you can't help but be amused.

dreamy Dr. John as the bellhop
the outdoor kitchen by the pool 
Oh it's just a little bump on the head, says Dad,as he
touches the huge black spot that is obviously not a bump
this looks like the rich guys house in Road House
the infestation of annoying grad students hits the dock
Jerry Lewis spazz attack
Egon is not amused
Taunting a mentally challenged, disfigured guy is so much fun
Do the Jellyfish? I think I know why the dance never caught on
60s pool party madness
the oldest grad student ever
killer jellyfish or plastic sandwich bags?
people are being killed - time to take a shower
the smack of the half man/half jellyfish means war
it's literally a guy with a trashbag on his head
dreamy John can't believe he's being beaten by a plastic bag
jellyfish man who also has a super computer


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