Saturday, June 4, 2016

Raw Force (1982)

aka Kung Fu Cannibals

Three guys from the Burbank Karate Club go on a cruise. They plan to see the sights, meet some fine ladies, and visit Warrior Island.  The island is rumored to be where disgraced martial artists go to commit suicide.  But what the karate club doesn't know is that the island is inhabited by cannibal monks who raise the dead.  There's also a side plot about a gang that trades women to the island monks in exchange for jade. But that story mostly bookends the movie.

There are colorful shirts, a guy with a fake ponytail, karate demonstrations, a man who resembles Hitler, and a frizzy haired bartender whose bar is at chest level. Even stranger, he uses his head to break a block of ice, the cubes spills onto the floor and he uses the ice in peoples drinks.  Guess that's what you get on a cheap cruise.

This movie has no clear plot and the characters are all over the place.  It's like a low rent episode of a sleazy Love Boat with more crop tops - and I'm talking about the guys. Everything screams bargain basement Love Boat - the music, the comedy, the wacky shenanigans, and the crazy characters that sometimes appear just for the set up of a joke. It's not a good movie, but it sure as heck is entertaining in it's ridiculousness.  If you're looking for a zombie movie, then this isn't it because there's not much zombie in it.

Our heroes from the Burbank Karate Club
Low rent Love Boat welcomes you aboard
Your cruise director
Our semi-trustworthy Captain and one of the crew,
who should wear a shirt while the passengers board
Crazy characters - note the guy in the top right wearing
white farmer jeans and no shirt
the fake ponytail
zombie on Warrior Usland
Hey there little lady, want a karate demonstration?
Hitler is not amused
They need a taller bartender or a shorter bar
A Nazi on a cruise ship?
A fantastic shirt that is probably highly flammable
Visit exotic ports on the bargain basement Love Boat
Sadly, the bartender regularly gets this reaction
special effects that don't quite match up with the picture
Now this just looks stupid
Crop tops galore!

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