Saturday, August 1, 2015

Agency of Vengeance: Dark Rising (2013)

When a sand worm crashes Summer's wedding and eats her fiancé, the Agency of Vengeance goes on the alert....hell, with a description like that, it sounds ridiculously awesome.  Sadly it's not. It's more like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but with  bikinis.

Summer works at the Rising Dark Agency, alongside her ex Jason.  The group sets out to determine who killed her fiancé, and stop the increase in supernatural activity that is occurring.  They get intel from an unwilling informant named Bulo, a weirdo that provides lame comic relief.

This is one of those movies where it's not terrible, but it's not good either. It tries to be funny, but isn't. This is the fourth movie in the Dark Rising franchise, so someone enjoys it.  Also what's up with the photoshop on the cover? There's something off about the way the head sits on the neck.

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