Friday, May 20, 2016

Blood Widow (2014)

Hugh and his girlfriend Laurie buy an isolated house which is referred to as a fixer upper., but looks perfectly fine.  For a reason never explained (ahem, plot convenience), the couple who sell them the home make plans to come back in a few days and help with the home repairs.

Laurie is picturing a quiet romantic weekend in their new home. But Hugh has invited some friends over for a party and neglected to mention this to Laurie.   This does not bode well for their future, especially when his friends invite more guests and the house ends up packed.  Laurie is not amused.

When they glimpse a neighboring home through the trees, their friends think, "hey an abandoned house" and traipse off to explore it.  Although this group is in their mid twenties, they  think it's fun to vandalize the home and generally act like idiots. Unfortunately for them, there's a Blood Widow in the basement. Take that, you over aged vandals.

The old house used to be a school for orphans, and some horrible things went on there.  Why is the blood widow in the basement and taking revenge on people who never wronged her?   Who knows.

The movie is slow paced with not so much blood widow, but a lot of annoying partiers.  The characters aren't very likable so you won't care when they die.

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