Friday, May 27, 2016

Devil's Due (2014)

Newlyweds Zach and Samantha head down to the Dominican Republic for their honeymoon.  On their last night in town, they decide to get a palm reading and Samantha is unnerved by a creepy psychic.  After they leave her home,  the couple gets lost in a sketchy part of town.

S when a cab shows up out of nowhere, they hop right in.  The cabbie offers to take them to a special underground club that is not known to tourists and they say, why the hell not.  Good god, they're old enough to know better. You should never go to mystery clubs off the beaten path while in a foreign country - unless you want to end up going missing or birthing a devil baby.

The next day, Zach and Sam wake up in their hotel and wondering how they got back to their room.  No one shall ask why they don't look at the video they shot.  Zach is constantly documenting everything they do, so you'd think it might cross their minds.  Too bad it didn't because the few glimpses of underground corridors, alters and chanting means Sam is in for quite a pregnancy when she gets home.

As is always the case with those pesky devil baby's, things start getting weird and Sam gets even weirder. Nothing original here and it's been done better before. But the bigger problem is that most of the movie is a bunch of talking and not much devil-ing.

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