Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Lazarus Effect (2015)

Frank and Zoey, whose engagement is on hold due to their current scientific experiments, are doing research into how to bring the dead back to life.  The University is unaware of that this involves jump starting dead animals, but once that is discovered, the project is shut down and they lose their funding.

Frank is furious since after many years, they've just succeeded revived a dog from the dead. Wanting to make the most of the last night before their lab will be dismantled and credit for their work most likely stolen, they sneak in to do see if they can duplicate their success with another dog carcass.

During the experiment,  Zoey is accidentally electrocuted. In his grief, and desperation Frank decides they need to bring her back to life... because it's perfectly safe to jab a huge needle randomly into a human head and not worry about hitting anything important.

The others are not on board with experimenting on Zoey, especially they've only recently had success on a dog.  Clay repeatedly warns them that something was very wrong with the dog they revived, but everyone ignores him.  Eventually they agree to help Frank and boom, here's Zoey back from the dead  But she's not the same and you just know she's going to be as weird as the dead dog.

The preview for the movie looked great, but it just didn't play out well.  I'm still left wondering why they took the back-from-the-dead dog home? I thought maybe it was their dog, but Zoey doesn't know it's name. Wouldn't it be safer to keep it in a cage in the lab?  Why is taking home an animated corpse a viable option in their project? It's totally outside any protocol for scientific study, and they could have gotten across how weird it was with things that happened in the lab.

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