Thursday, August 6, 2015

All Hallow's Eve (2013)

Sarah is babysitting two young teens on Halloween. When Timmy dumps out his sack of candy, he discovers someone has given him a VHS tape.  Both Timmy and his sister want to watch it, but Sarah is reluctant since it's potentially creepy to dump an unlabeled VHS into a kids bag on Halloween.

But although Sarah has the best of intentions, she's not that great a baby sitter.  The kids vote 2 to 1 to watch the tape and she relents, with the caveat that she'll check it out first.  Even though the beginning is a creepy old basement, an asylum, and weirdo clown, Sarah decides the twelve year olds can watch the film and she'll just take it out if things get too scary -  not really a decision Sarah should be making for someone else children.

Within the first few minutes of the tape, a strange clown drugs a young woman in a bus station. Apparently Sarah doesn't realize this is something that may cause children to have nightmare and they continue watching the tape.

In the video, the woman wakes up chained in a basement with two other women. They tell her that whatever is in the building uses the chains to drag people down to the lower level.  At this point, Sarah decides to shut off the tape... of course she doesn't. Because that would make too much sense. Instead Sarah averts her eyes and lets the carnage on screen continue. No concern for the children who are watching this crap ever enters her cranium.  Oh Sarah, you're such a terrible babysitter.

The movie is an anthology, not my favorite type of film.  There are three segments, all of which feature the creepy clown.  The first part is with the girl in the chains.  The second involves a woman who's just moved to a house in the country. Her lights go out, her car dies, a strange glowing object comes down from the sky and someone in moving about in her house.

The third section focuses on a costume designer heading home from a movie location.  She stops at an isolated gas station and witnesses the proprietor kicking a creepy clown off the premises.  But you just know that clown is going to show up later and cause trouble.

Not digging this one.  The clown is creepy but he's also annoying and kind of stupid looking.  You just want to pop him right in the mouth. And while the third segment is probably fairly accurate regarding how someone would react in the situations the woman is in, it doesn't mean it's not annoying as hell to hear her screaming all the time.

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