Friday, August 14, 2015

The Wild Man of the Navidad (2008)

Based on witness Dale S. Rogers  reports of a wild man, the movie follows Rogers, his wheelchair bound wife, and her caretaker.  Rogers leaves dead animals on his porch as an offering to the wild man, so that the creature won't attack anyone.  Since Rogers doesn't allow people on his land and the creature is happy and full, everything should be okay.

But when Rogers loses his job, he resorts to charging hunters for use of his property. Before you know it, one of them shoots the creature, and all bets are off.

While this film is no doubt a labor of love and they've successfully given it a grind house feel, we couldn't get through more than twenty minutes of it.  The other two people who were watching count Texas Chainsaw Massacre as one of their top ten favorite movies, but the slow pace and mundane, low key dialogue couldn't keep our interest.  It was really disappointing since Kim Henkel produced the film. Plus I'm always up for movies with any cryptozoological creatures.

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