Sunday, August 23, 2015

Shadow People (2007)

Two brothers agree to pay off a gambling debt by going some ghost hunting in an abandoned house.  Seems like they should be a little suspect of such an assignment. Then again, the older brother is surprisingly accommodating and pleasant after the loan shark forces his younger brother to smash his hand with a hammer.  Things are not as they seem, and the brothers are shortly attacked by something in the house.

A short while later, four kids enter the home, and by kids I mean people in their twenties. One of the girls notices there is fresh chalk on the floor and the guys explore the house to ensure no one else is hiding there.  The couples are on a backpacking trip and it's not clear why they're at the house. They mention the rain, but they're supposed to be camping so that shouldn't be an issue.  They find the house unnerving, yet they continue to remain at the home - until later when they can't get out.

Everyone that goes into the house looks into the pipe in the wall. Why? You'd think it would be a plot point, but it's not.  At one point, they mention they can't get out through the windows because they're barred. Yet when we're shown the outside of the house, the windows don't have bars.  Also of note, the outside of the house is very small, but they wander around inside like it's a large home.

Mostly there's a whole lot of nothing going on in this film.   In fact, it's so mundane that it's almost fascinating.  The best thing about this movie is the use of a song called Born to Destroy during the closing credits that is by 1970s Indiana punk band Latex Novelties.

Ridiculous dialogue:

Guy 1 - It's probably kids goofing around.
Guy 2 - If it's kids goofing around, where are the beer bottles, cigarette butts, and trash?

Oh movie, why must you frame this shot to include
 a screen door and old mattress inside the door
There's a bit of a miscalculation on the length of wood
needed for the window frame behind them
This is why people don't light their movie with flashlights 
More lighting problems, unless you're interested
in that one tiny area of his shirt
Creepy hands in the doorway and the random paint job
to make the walls look old
More issues with framing and lit by a flashlight again
Oh my god!  That looks so painful. His head appears
to be at a 90 degree angle to his body. 
The house - no bars on the windows and
much smaller on the outside than the inside

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