Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Walking Deceased (2105)

Sheriff Lincoln wakes up in the hospital after a virus has turned most of the world into the living dead.  He sets out to locate his family and joins forces with other survivors he meets.

Meanwhile a zombie falls in love with a girl in the group and  follows her when she heads back to the mall, where the group of survivors is staying.  Unfortunately, he is followed by a large group of zombies, which leads to an attack on the survivors.  Since our lead zombie (who has started mumbling and they mistake for human) saved the girls life, he is allowed to travel with the living while they try to find a safe haven.

This is a comedy with the main plot points based on The Walking Dead and Warm Bodies.  You're sure to find other zombie movie references as well, like with the group staying in the mall and the zombie mall attack.  While there were a few laughs, most of it isn't funny.  It seems like there is so much material to work with since there are tons of zombie movie cliches, but the jokes are miss most of the time.

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