Thursday, October 8, 2015

Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottenhell (2014)

A series of murders in a small town alarm the local residents and the hippie Mayor blames the deaths on the Amish (since they don't vote), and their unsafe farm tools.  This also allows him to promote his new line of safety tools, which are sold at outrageously inflated prices.

Meanwhile rich girl Brenda has been financially cut off by her father, and forced to find a job.  When she half heartedly applies to be a dog catcher at Dog Catcher in the Rye, she is dismayed to find that she actually gets the job.

She'll be partnered with Doug, who takes his job very seriously.  he is expecting to win Dog Catcher of the Year, since he wins every year, but is furious to find out that he's come in second to new guy Hector.  To make things worse, Doug likes Brenda, but she's interested in Hector.  So Doug's not having a good day.

With the number of headless bodies increasing, the Mayor is urged to cancel the Easter celebration.  But as with most mayors in horror movies, he risks the publics lives for the money that will be made during the yearly celebration.

The killer is a giant rabbit of unknown origin, and when Doug crosses it's path, no one will believe him.  Can't blame them, but on the other hand, where the hell does a giant rabbit hide in a small town?  

This is another low budget movie where the animal on the DVD cover looks nothing like the actual rabbit in the film.  The rabbit is hilariously awful in that it moves as if it's a marionette handled by a one armed man who knows nothing about puppeteering.   It's as if it's just dragged across the scene.  While this is a comedy, it's not clear if it's supposed to be as bad as it looks.

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