Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dude Bro Massacre III (2015)

Dude Bro Massacre III is a slasher parody made by the group behind 5 Second Films. It's introduced as the last remaining copy of the Dude Bro Massacre trilogy.  The story is that all three films were destroyed.  There is one remaining copy which is on VHS and was taped from a late night TV broadcast back in the late 1980s.  Be prepared for an experience right out of 1980s VHS home taping, where there are snippets of advertising at each commercial break as the taper tries to guess where to pause and re-start the recording for minimal interruptions.

Since there is no Dude Bro Massacre I or II, the film recaps the story via flashbacks.  In part one, a serial killer named Mother stalks a fraternity, until she is dispatched by one of the brothers.  The killers daughter removes her face and returns in the sequel to once again stalk the frat that killed her mother.  Referred to as Motherface, the killer is dead at the end of the second film. But as we all know from Friday the 13th, death never stops a killer.

After his twin brother is murdered, Brent decides to join the same college fraternity and investigate his death.  A hazing incident gone wrong results in the pledges causing a plane crash.  The frat is kicked off campus and ends up in a cabin on the lake where the guys flounce around like the girls in most slasher flicks.  Soon frat boys are dying and the rest are trying to figure out who the killer is, and if Motherface may somehow be back from the dead.

This movie is not for everyone.  Some of the humor is really juvenile, but there are also a lot of laugh out loud moments.  It would have been better if they tightened it up a bit to make the run time shorter.   Overall I enjoyed it, but some of it just didn't work.  On the other hand, my friends loved it.

Watch for Andrew WK, Patton Oswald, and Greg Sestero from The Room, as well as a few other cameos.

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