Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Reel Evil (2012)

Kennedy, Cory, and James have an appointment to meet with a well known director.  While Cory and James think the meeting is to talk about getting finances for a documentary they want to make, Kennedy has agreed shoot a behind the scenes feature to earn money for their own film.  So apparently they failed at crowd sourcing, borrowing from family and friends, living frugally, and the other things people do when pursuing their dreams.

It's surprising that a filmmaker with major studio backing would hire three unknowns with no experience.  As they talk about their own aspirations to make documentary films, the director gets all pissy and states, "It's not about you."  He may be a dick, but he's right.

When they show up the first day, they run into a strange guy outside with boils all over his face. He looks homeless, but they think it's a great prank.  They might want to consider he may actually be a hobo with boils who lives in the abandoned asylum.   Just saying.

It's amazing that these guys don't get fired the first day.  They know nothing about working on a set and don't seem to have the cranial capacity to figure it out.  The main rules would be don't get in peoples way, and don't piss them off.

Granted, people treat them terribly and the egos on the set are out of control, but the three up the ante with their cluelessness.   They're never where they're supposed to be. They leave the set to wander around the building and aren't available when called. They bother people who are working, and make numerous people angry.

The three friends wander off into the asylum to explore and do some filming.  As they walk around, a lighbulb goes off in Kennedys head and she says, "You guys wanted to make a documentary, right?  This is a documentary right here - the mental health of America."  Well that is going to be one crap-tastic documentary.

They've given no thought to what the documentary should focus on.  So they're just randomly shooting footage in an abandoned building.  Since they're not shooting what they were hired to do, it's highly likely they'll be fired, thus losing the money to make their documentary. And one night of random footage in an old building is not going to cut it as a documentary.

This was made by Full Moon and I believe was their first foray into found footage films.  I'm not a Full Moon fan, but it was better than a lot of the stuff they do. Having said that, the main characters are annoying, and make bad decisions. There's nothing to make you like them, or care if they live or die.  And just once could there be a found footage movie where ghosts don't walk straight up to the hidden cameras and make scary faces into the lens?

There is an inexplicable Scooby Doo scene with a shot of a hallway, and people going into one door, and then exiting through another door in another part of the hallway.  How did that happen, and more importantly, why don't any of them seem to notice?  There is some strange thing where the asylum seems to change and people get stuck in a loop, but geez, the first time it happens, no one says a word or even looks confused.

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