Sunday, October 25, 2015

Contracted (2013)

Samantha moves back in with her mother while trying to work things out with her girlfriend, who she's been dating for ten months.  When she goes to a party at her friend Alices house, Alice encourages her to drink shots so Sam'll forget that her girlfriend isn't returning her calls.

Later that night a man hands her a drink telling her it's hers. Sam is so drunk she doesn't remember if it's hers or not, which is unfortunate because she forgets the cardinal rule of never accepting any open containers of alcohol.  She ends up in the mans car having sex, and it's later revealed that she was roofied.  Sam doesn't want anyone to know because she's worried her girlfriend will find out.

The next day, Sam isn't feeling well and believes it's a hangover, even though she keeps bleeding profusely.  When she wakes the day after still feeling poorly and having more symptoms, she heads to the doctor, but isn't forthcoming in answering his questions.  She's difficult and has a bad attitude, and downplays the amount of blood coming out of her.

The third day she gets even worse. Her Mom thinks she's on drugs again, and all her friends tell her she looks like crap.   The doctor doesn't have her blood work back yet, but based on her condition, he tells her not to have contact with anyone.  Sam isn't concerned about anyone else and ignores his advice. She visits a bar, her girlfriend, Alice, and arranges to meet with Riley, the guy who is politely stalking her.

The two biggest problems with this movie are that Sam is not a sympathetic character, and no one seems as concerned as they should be, based on Sam's physical deterioration. Her boss lets her work in the restaurant even though her eyes are blood red and she looks ill. I would not want anyone who looks like that to be my waitress or come anywhere near my food.

Although Sam has bled profusely from her private area, she minimizes it when talking to the doctor and doesn't even let him examine her.  Her eyes fill with blood so she puts on sunglasses.  Her fingernails fall off, and she keeps working at the restaurant, waiting on people and making food, yuck!  She looks terrible. Look at the DVD cover. That's how she looks on the third day and she's still got two people who are willing to kiss her and willing to have sex.  Come on!

While Sam wants to keep things quiet because she doesn't want her girlfriend to know she's had sex with someone else (and especially a man), she doesn't seem to grasp that she doesn't need to explain how she got it. She's sick and sometimes people get ill and never know how they caught something.

You'll want to slap Sam upside the head when she begins spitting blood as she's brushing her teeth one night. When she pulls a tooth out of her mouth, you'd think that would be what tips the scales, and along with every other symptom, sends her to the emergency room.  But Sam goes to bed.  What the hell? You just pulled a tooth out of your mouth. Get some help, now!

Also I'm not sure if whoever wrote the film summary doesn't understand what rape is, or they filmmakers were just trying to keep it a secret. But the description states Sam has a one night stand and she gets something much worse than an STD.  But a one night stand would be the term used for consensual sex, not when one person is incapacitated by a roofie.

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