Friday, May 16, 2014

Paranormal Entity (2009)

When strange things start happening in their home at night, the family sets up a video camera to see if they can figure out what's happening.  But as in most paranormal films, after the families initial good idea, everyone gets stupid.

No one shall ask why they choose to argue about why a cross fell off the wall, rather than look at the video. Or why no one notices the coffee table is in a different place in the living room. Or why no one even scans through the tapes after taking the time to set everything up and record what happens when they're asleep.

At one point son Thomas puts little bells on fishing wire six inches off the ground. This is extremely clever when considering ways in which to get a warning that something is moving through the house..... other than the fact that the ghost just left footprints on the ceiling. So a wire near the floor's not going to be much help at all, is it?

Logic is thrown out again when something bangs on the door. Thomas opens it but nothing is there.  Since there is never any visible entity in the room, then couldn't the damn ghost or demon be standing right in front of Thomas?

And if you're in a panic over attacks in the night and can't get in touch with an expert who may be able to help, then why not contact anyone else who may be able to help with supernatural issues in the home?  How about a paranormal expert or ghost hunter? How about a priest?  How about spells on the internet?  How about voodoo? How about any random thing no matter how crazy?  Better to try anything then nothing.

This is the cheapo Asylum rendering of Paranormal Activity, which I'm sure you've guessed by the plot, cover, and way too similar title.  It's typical Syfy style fodder.

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