Sunday, May 11, 2014

Them (2006)

aka Ils

After a long day of teaching, Clementine drives home to spend the evening with her husband Lucas.  On the way, she passes police and a wrecker at the scene of an accident on an isolated stretch of road near the house.  She is unaware that this single car accident occurred the night before, or that the mother and daughter traveling in the car disappeared after being attacked.

Later that night, Clem wakes up to strange sounds outside their remote home. When she and Lucas head downstairs to investigate, her car is across the yard. When Lucas goes to investigate, someone drives off in her car. They report the theft to the police, and as they start to relax, the lights in the house go out.

Then lights start shining through the windows and noises are heard outside, causing Clem and Lucas to bolt upstairs and lock themselves in the bedroom. Soon it sounds like their tormentors are  inside the house. The couple wonders who it is, why they have been targeted, and what the intruders intend to do to them.

The premise of being cut off from the outside world and having someone outside who means you harm is super creepy.  But it doesn't seem like a bright idea when shortly after locking themselves in the bedroom, Lucas decides to go search the house to see if the intruders are still there. Good god man, stay locked in the bedroom.  Barricade yourself in until daylight when they can't sneak up on you in the dark.  Also Lucas and Clem live in a mansion so there are way too many rooms for the intruders to hide.  If Clem and Lucas stayed barricaded in the bedroom and were quiet, it might take the intruders awhile to find them.  Other than a few annoying sequences where people behave idiotically, it was an effective movie.

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