Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Rendering (2002)

When Sarah was an art student in college, she was stabbed by a nutzo stalker who said her paintings spoke to him.  Unlucky for him, artist Sarah takes the sketch pad from the police artist and delivers a completely accurate portrait of her attacker.  He's quickly apprehended and sentenced to a number of years in prison.

Ten years later, Sarah is preparing to testify at his next parole hearing to make sure he doesn't get released.  She's also helping the police whenever they need an amazing sketch artist, and is called for recent vicious attacks on two different women.  But Sarah balks at the victims description as the sketch of the attacker begins to look just like Sarah's husband.

Sarah and her husband are already on the outs since he wants children and she's not ready. So the possibility of him attacking women doesn't help the already strained relationship.  But even Sarah is surprised when her hubby gets arrested for murder and some polaroids of the victim are found in his closet.

Since this is a Lifetime movie, you just know her attacker is going to figure somehow into this plot, and that the movie will be predictable and full of cliches.  If you like Lifetime movies, you'll probably like this one.  It's on a horror anthology, but is it really horror? Nah, it's just your standard tv movie.

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