Thursday, May 15, 2014

Warm Bodies (2013)

Zombie R spends his days shuffling through the airport with other zombies.  The airport also houses bonies - zombies who've lost all traces of humanity and are simply skeletons who eat flesh.

When R and the other zombies get hungry, they head into town to search for food, or in other words any humans who've survived the apocalypse. Survivors live inside a huge walled off portion of the city, with armed guards and barricades strategically positioned at the front gate.   But when supplies in the city run low, someone needs to venture outside the wall for medicine, food, or whatever else is needed.

When Julie, her boyfriend Perry, and others leave the compound to search for medicine, they are attacked in the abandoned hospital by R and his fellow zombies. But something strange happens when R sees Julie. He is smitten and instead of eating her brain, he smears her with blood, grabs her hand and drags her with him when the zombies stagger off.

Will Julie get discovered by the other zombies?  Will she stay with R in the abandoned plane he uses as his hang out? Is anyone looking for Julie?  Why does R have a crush on her?  Is he changing?  Are other zombies changing?  And if they are, what are they changing into?  Will zombies and humans find a way to co-exist?

I waited awhile to watch this as I wasn't sure if I really wanted to see it. Granted, I'll watch almost any zombie movie.  But this is not a typical zombie movie since it also has elements of a romantic comedy, which I'm not that interested in, (especially a teen romantic comedy).  But it's actually pretty good and for the most part the characters are likable.  I don't think I'd ever watch it again, but Rob Corddry is in it and he's always good.  

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