Wednesday, July 2, 2014

51 (2011)

The military agrees to give a guided tour of Area 51 to two reporters and their photographers.  Colonel Martin isn't happy about this, but he's counting down the days to retirement.  This is the equivalent of telling us that he's going to die.

The plan is to keep the tour to designated safe areas of the complex, pretending to give them access to items that seem off limits.  Colonel Martin feeds them the line that there are no scary aliens there and it's only a big warehouse for government projects.

But soon there is an emergency call from one of the lower levels, which Martin said doesn't exist.  Seems the aliens weren't as docile as they thought and one is on the loose.  Now the focus changes from fooling the press to trying to get out alive.

The big problem with aliens on the loose is that one called Patient Zero can become someones doppelganger just by touching them.  So get ready for scenes with soldiers who should shoot Patient Zero as soon as he turns into someone else, but instead wait until they two twins end up wrestling on the ground, at which point no one can which is which.

This looks like a Syfy channel movie, which it could be. It's not scary and the reporters are annoying. Also the female who is instructed to take charge does not inspire any confidence in her ability.

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