Saturday, July 12, 2014

Abandoned Mine (2013)

Teens! Halloween! Ghost stories! A haunted location! Barely functioning craniums with limited capacity!  That's what you'll get with the Abandoned Mine. Aw yeah, you just can't keep those darn kids out of dangerous mines.

Brad organizes a fun Halloween outing with his friends, and tapes his friends prior to and during their trip, as all the kids seem to do nowadays.  Everyone gets into their best costumes (queue wacky music montage), jumps in the truck, and heads out to the isolated, haunted, cursed, abandoned mine outside town.  Legend has it that the mine is haunted by a father and two little girls who were sealed inside.  Everyone freaks when Brad tells them where they're headed.  Yay, what a wonder party Brad has planned.

Although Brad assures everyone that they won't enter the mine, a storm forces them to take shelter inside, where they begin to explore.  As you'd expect, our intrepid teens end up trapped in the mine and must find another way out. But strange things start happening and something in the mine starts picking them off one by one, leading the survivors to believe the ghosts of legend are after them.

Well, this certainly is a movie. If only it were a good movie.  It's the type of thing you half watch when the TV is on, but you're doing something else. It would probably be good for junior high school kids since it's fairly tame.

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