Saturday, July 5, 2014

Strippers vs. Werewolves (2012)

It's a normal night at the local strip club until a patron turns into a werewolf and is killed by one of the girls.  Hijinks ensue as they attempt to get rid of the body and avoid any trouble.  They can't report it to the police, because who would believe them.

But the werewolf  runs with a pack who manage to track down his body in the back of a car just as some delinquents are going to get rid of it. When the wolves figure out their pal was killed at the strip club, they vow to make the strippers pay.

There's a subplot about one of the wolves having a fiance who is a stripper, but doesn't know it since she tells him she works as a vet.  So the two groups are going to collide in a bad way which will surely reveal her secret.

The problem with most horror comedies, including this one, is that they tend to fall flat on both horror and comedy.  For the most part, the jokes are lame and there's nothing scary about the werewolves.  In fact, they look at if their cranial functioning is almost non-existent.  They have big floppy ears sticking off the sides of their heads - some at a 90 degree angle - and stupid expressions as if they're going, "duhrrrrr."

Our gang of mentally challenged werewolves are ready for a show down.

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