Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Eves (2012)

It's hard to resist the horror movie DVD packs that show up in the  bargain bin for $5. I watch so many movies that it's always kind of fun to pick up one of these with the hopes of finding something interesting, even if most of the time the movies stink.

When I quickly scanned the back cover, I thought this movie was called The Elves, which made me imagine a totally different type of horror than I what I actually got with The Eves.  Also while there are woods in the movie, there isn't really anything lurking in the woods. Lies! Lies, I tell you!

In this cliche driven movie, a group of students in a crappy truck break down on the way to Spring Break, and pull off the highway onto an isolated dirt road.  While they're waiting for the radiator to cool, the police stop to see if there's a problem, and advise the group to go to a hunting lodge a few miles down the road for help.

As usual in these type of movies, no one is around.  The hunting lodge has decor that makes it look like someones home, not a lodge, except for the large room with the chairs and huge bible quote that appears to be printed on computer paper.  The group walk in and make themselves at home. This includes couples going off on their own, people getting drunk, and a heavily made up, skanky girl putting the moves on a quiet guy who does crappy drawings and is rumored to be gay. Needless to say, this does not go well.

As the sun sets, they realize that some of their friends are missing.  Soon people are splitting up, someone is outside the house, and there are gunshots.  Cell phones are lost or won't work, and people aren't as careful as they should be.  This all leads us toward a few twists that are fairly easy to see coming, and one that there's no way to see because there are no clues or background on what is going on.

This is actually better than many movies on these horror packs, and at a minimum the film is  competently made. But there's nothing original or exciting.  The action doesn't take place until at least half way into the movie, and most of the characters are annoying.  None of the characters are fleshed out so there's no one to have a vested interest in.

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