Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fright Club (2006)

Three teens go to an old building where they've been told there's a fright club. That's fright with an R. They had to do some digging to locate the place since it's super secret, but they managed to get an invitation from someone in an online forum.

They enter an art gallery where they are informed that the space is an exclusive gallery with a select membership.  The teens see a portrait on the wall of artist and founder Sebastian Crow, and assume they're in the right place.  Showing their lack of tact, they loudly ask about the fright club.  First rule of Fright Club, you do not talk about fright club.

The teens are ushered through a locked door, into the basement, and must see the ancient one. They will each tell a scary story and he will decide if they are allowed in the club. So if you hadn't guess before this point, this is going to be a lame anthology.

Little Red Riding in the Hood
On the way to visit her grandmother in the hood, a girl is accosted by her abusive ex-boyfriend at a tattoo parlor, rescued by the FBI, picks up some medicine from a psychic, and ends up in a battle with a werewolf.

The Boy Who Cried Vamp
A man and his girlfriend go to a club, but he's enthralled by another woman at the bar.  Later he goes back to the bar to talk with the owner about how he can help increase their business. He's offered big money and perks, which include the girl he saw at the bar. Things don't work out so well.

Spare Parts
A professor working on reanimation of the dead has his funding and lab access cut off. His brother, a cop, has just been promoted to lead detective, is engaged to be married, and is trying to track down the Black Dragon, the biggest drug lord in the city.  These are all signs he's not going to be alive very much longer, which will tie in conveniently with his brothers research.

Silly Dialogue

"Is it true there's a fright club here?"
"So you want to join the fright club."

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