Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Lonely Ones (2006)

A group of friends head up to a cabin in the woods for the weekend.  On the way they stop at a gas station, where a stranger warns them to be careful.  Then he referneces the disappearnces of some female college students many years ago. Okay, nothing creepy about that.

At the cabin, they tell ghost stories and then discuss the legend of the missing college girls that just happened to live in a cabin  nearby.  A couple of the kids decide they want to visit the house. But when they look the location up online, they discover that the place this mystery took place is actually the cabin they are staying in.

When the power suddenly goes out, a couple of the guys go outside to the breaker box (because you know, it's so safe and useful to have your breakers on the outside of your house exposed to the elements and random psychos).  Once outside, they run into two ghouls and their night goes down hill from there. Stupid ghouls always wrecking college parties at isolated cabins.

This is exactly what I expect to find on these movie packs - a low budget movie that looks like it could have been made by someone you know.  It's not particularly original, although there are a few twists. But if you watch a lot of horror movies, they're not surprising. And let's face it with a plot that includes college students, an isolated cabin, a creepy stranger, a legend, the power going out, etc, we're not talking about anything you haven't seen before.

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