Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Animal (2014)

A group of friends decide to go hiking in the woods.  As the light fades, some of them want to head back to the car, but a couple of the guys want to keep going. Consequently they're deep in the woods when the sun goes down.

While trying to find their way back to their car, they stumble across a pile of bones and flesh which appear to be a body. Even worse, there are noises in the woods that turn out to be a hideous monster, which reminded me of the one in Feast.

While attempting to get away from the dangerous beast, they stumble upon a cabin, and try to convince the people inside to let them in.  Once inside, they discover others who've experienced the same creature in the woods.  The cabin appears to have been used previously for the purpose of remaining out of the clutches of the creature since there are various barricades. The people already in the house warn that the animal keeps trying to get inside.

The rest of the movie revolves around determining if they can find a way to escape, or if the monster will find a way into the house.  There are cliche situations between the totally bitter downer character who is out for himself, and everyone else in the house. While there's nothing new about the movie, it was actually okay, even though there were plenty of bad decisions to go around.

The biggest question I'm left with is, if this creature can devour seven people in less than 24 hours, wouldn't someone notice that so many people are going missing?  This can't be it's first foray into humans as a food source.

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