Sunday, April 19, 2015

Butchered (2010)

A group of teens sail out to an island so they can spend one last weekend together before going off to college.  Unfortunately a serial killer who just escaped from prison has stolen a boat and sailed to that very same island. What are the odds?  Not sure why he'd go there since criminally insane serial killers usually go where there are people to kill.

The characters are typical stereotypes, including a kid who was accepted into a prestigious college but his family is pressuring him to go into the family business.  There is also a couple who constantly call each other baby, often beginning and ending their sentences with the word. It's incredibly annoying and you end up with scenes filled with this type of dialogue:

"Baby, we're gonna die"
"Baby, don't say that."
"We need to get out of here, baby."
"Baby, I know. I'll stay here so you can get away, baby."
"Baby, I can't leave you. I can't go without you, baby."
"Baby, you have to go."

The killer is a veteran of foreign war. So you'd think there would be no way a high school kid could ever survive the killers stealth, stalking, and survival skills, but there you go - plothole.  The kills are pretty tame and I don't even remember if any of them are onscreen. This version is supposed to be unrated, so I guess the only difference is a few topless scenes?

Watch for the scene where a girl is killed with an ax, and when the killer pulls it out, it's only a handle.

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