Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Johnny Sunshine: Maximum Volume (2008)

I can't remember if I've already mentioned this, but earlier this year I bought a 50 pack of movies for $20.  There were two movies I'd been trying to find them elsewhere, but had been unsuccessful. So I decided to spring for the horror pack even though I knew the movies were going to be crappy. Hey 50 movies for $20 is only 40 cents a piece. So what the hell?  Well this is the type of movie that makes you really want your 40 cents back.

In the future, the Sprawl is inhabited by zombies and lowlifes who are trying to apply for citizenship and want to buy their way into the city.  We're never shown the city, but I'm sure it's a lovely place.  The sprawl seems to be filled with alleys where a few random zombies stagger, and generic looking rooms you'd see in suburban houses or cookie cutter apartment buildings.

In this environment we find our three main characters, and all are incredibly unappealing.  They are: Johnny Sunshine, a female zombie slayer and star of videos where she has sex with and kills scumbags she captures;  Max, owner of Maximum Productions, a drug trafficker, and maker of zombie porn; and Officer Stern, a corrupt police officer and part time zombie killer. You won't care about any of them.

There isn't much of a plot. Johnny kills people and zombies on film, and sells the video to Max.  Max sells drugs, makes zombie porn, and we are shown footage of his application for citizenship in the city.  Stern is obsessed with Johnny and has some sort of connection to Max which is unclear. Max also owns a speakeasy where Johnny's boyfriend is the bartender.

The zombies are few and far between and barely do anything.  There are some fight scenes in which it's obvious the fight choreography was done by amateurs.  Some of the shots are from the wrong angle making it obvious that the punches aren't connecting. All the punches and kicks are slow and awkward.

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