Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Houses October Built (2014)

Oh no! Wouldn't you know it? It's another movie about people going places they damn well shouldn't.  Well maybe this is the one time things will work out. They can't always end up in a horrible situation that could have been avoided. Let's see, shall we?

Five friends get an RV and set out to make a documentary about haunted attractions, aka haunts.  They plan to film at the haunts and hopefully find one of those pesky underground extreme haunts rumored to exist.

At one of the haunts, they get in an argument with a worker who tells them there are no cameras allowed. They shut the camera off, but later that night a worker shows up to demand the tape. When they deny taping, he doesn't believe them. Trouble is they've pissed off the wrong people. From that point on, haunt workers seem to be following them and trying to scare them.

Eventually they meet a couple of guys who give them the name of a bar where they can supposedly find out info about an underground haunt.  It's always moving so you need to know where to go.

When they get to the bar, there are creepy guys and haunt workers in costumes. Yup, it's the type of place you should just turn on your heel and walk out.  But desperate to find that extreme haunt, they stick it out.  Naturally the word extreme leads one to believe things will not work out well for our intrepid semi-young film makers.

One thing I found amusing about this movie is that one of characters talks about how he likes haunts where you don't know what the hell is going on and you're not sure if it's real.  Yet when it comes down to it, he doesn't like it at all.

Personally I'm not sure why anyone would want to go to an extreme haunt.  A friend of mine used to work at a haunt and knew about the activities at extreme haunts. Honestly I don't want to go anywhere that I need to sign a waiver and pay to experience one or more of the following: light torture; electric shock; extreme physical contact; violence; simulated drowning; abduction; and the need of a safe word. One place even said that by entering you acknowledge that you could be subject to physical or emotional injuries. Oh hell no!

The film has an interesting concept, but the ending is meh.  It was filmed at real haunted attractions, which is brilliant since I'd guess they traded free publicity in exchange for being able to film at these real locations.  A money saving idea indeed, plus they ended up with better quality haunts than if they'd try to make fake haunts for the movies.

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